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Yesterday (Day 20 of the 365 project) was quite an interesting day, and I ended up putting off my picture until later in the day. 

 Despite the slick roads, a much too close wreck, sliding through a red light because the brakes wouldn't work on the roads, and barely being able to stop at an intersection where ten school buses were ready to pull out, we made it through a snowstorm to the nursing home our church meets with once a month. 

{Anna, holding the stuffed animal all the kids received from the staff, with Helen, one of the residents}

Afterwards, we spent some time with our pastor's family...and matching our wits in Trivial Pursuit.  

Today, Day 21, Anna was having trouble with her math, asking the cat, "What is 5 X 3, kitty?"

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up my American History finals tests, hoping that my Consumer Math tax forms and worksheets are correct, and deciphering augmented, perfect, and diminished intervals in Music Theory (no picture thankfully...my "taking notes when I'm trying to finish up a class-handwriting" is deplorable).



  1. Great pictures Kimberly!!
    Trivial Pursuit was so fun!(even though me and Nicholas were the losing team!!!LOL!)
    Awesome post.

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